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Press Statement - We Won!!!

Statement on behalf of the Trustees of the Nuneaton and North Warwickshire Riding Centre (NNWEC)


31st March 2013 - The trustees of the Nuneaton and North Warwickshire Riding Centre have today been successful in achieving recognition as bona fide trustees by the court and are now in the process of negotiating the renewal of the lease for the riding school. There will now be a stay in proceedings for two months, so the Council can negotiate the NNWEC’s lease renewal out of court.

 Jean Miller, trustee of the Nuneaton and North Warwickshire Riding Centre said:

“We cannot say how delighted we are that the court has granted us leave as trustees to appeal for the renewal of our lease.  The Nuneaton and Bedworth Council have been trying to claim that we were, in their words ‘third party persons’ and not proper trustees.  They have been proved wrong.”

“We are also more than happy that the Council has now decided to negotiate the lease with us.  This is what we always wanted, just to sit round the table and talk, but up until now the Council have refused.  However they now seem to be taking a more reasonable stance.”

“We have been extremely upset at being painted as dishonest by certain people from the council. We know the negative publicity meant some people have felt unable to supporting us as they did not know what to believe.  But now the court has ruled in our favour we hope that they can put their doubts aside and help us build our services for the future”.

“For quite some time our efforts have focused on the court case and as a local charity who receives no central funding we have struggled to keep going.  Without the support of our solicitor Alan Edginton, partner at LDJ Solicitors in Nuneaton, we would have never got this far and we cannot thank him enough for his ongoing support.”

“All we want to do is focus on what we are here for, giving riding lessons to people who experience a wide range of physical and learning disabilities.  All the trustees, management of the centre and our many volunteers are totally committed to doing all they can to keep the centre going and the sooner  we can move on the better.   At the moment we want to concentrate all our efforts on getting the indoor school and stables rebuilt so we can operate at fully capacity again.”

“I also want to say that through this long and difficult period, we have been sustained by the incredible support we have been given by local community.”


For further information please contact:

Suzanne Orsler

T – 07813 131350


Jean Miller

T – 07812 372738



In addition to the problems caused by the court case, the riding school has also had to cope with the damage caused to the stables and indoor school by a tornado which ripped through Galley Common on 25th January.  The damage meant all the horses and ponies had to be moved at short notice and lessons suspended.   Lessons resumed on 8th March, with some horses back on site.  Now a fundraising campaign to rebuild the stables and mend the roof the indoor school is being planned.


March 31, 2014
Hi I have a six year old daughter with Autism who would love to learn to ride. what sort of classes do you have? Mrs Fletcher
by Anonymous

Hi! Please can you call Ryan on 024 76392397 / 07914693738 and he’ll talk you through the options. Look forward to seeing you at the stables, Iain

March 27, 2014
hello! my names taylor, I'm 19 and used to have a horse of my own, I was just messaging to let you know of you need any extra help with the stables then I'd be more than willing to help! I'd also like lessons too when there's a free space!
by Anonymous

Hi, did you receive our reply ok?

March 27, 2014

Paralympic champion Lee Pearson holds dressage sessions at Nuneaton and North Warwickshire Equestrian Centre

On Sunday 23rd March Paralympic dressage champion, Lee Pearson held a day of dressage clinics at the Nuneaton and North Warwickshire Equestrian Centre (NNWEC). 

Lee Pearson CBE is one of our best known paralympians.  He has won bronze, silver and gold medals at the London Paralympics games in 2012, three gold medals at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, three gold medals at the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games and three gold medals at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games.  He says:

“What riding has given me is respect.  It’s not the disability that counts it’s what you do.  I’m here coaching able bodied riders because I’m an expert in my field.”

“It’s been a very productive day and I’m also keen to support the NNWEC’s work with disabled riders. Being on a horse is one of the best experiences anyone can have; an experience which gives disabled people masses of confidence.”

Ryan Parker, head groom at the NNWEC, who organised the clinics said:

“We’ve had great feedback from riders about how much they got out of their coaching session and I’m certain we will be inviting Lee back for further sessions so more people can benefit from his experience.

In the top picture you can see Lee coaching Kate Mander and below this, Judith Moreton and Sara Moore with Lee in the middle.

March 25, 2014

Where we are at….

11th Febuary 2014 -

Hello everyone - we know you are all wondering what is happening, and many of you have messaged us.

And we are sorry that we are not able to give an exact date to the riding school reopening at the moment. We are currently trying to secure funds from the insurance company to rebuild the stables and repair the indoor school. 
Our immediate priority has been to find safe accommodation for the horses and ponies. We have had many kind offers or help which we are very grateful for and want to thank all the volunteers who helped with the clear up operation.
Whilst the team at the riding school are dealing with the day to day problems, the riding school is still facing a court case that will determine if we are able to stay open in the future.
We are hoping by the end if the month we will be able to make some positive announcements about how the riding school will be moving forward, but please bear with us for now as I am sure you realise this has been a very difficult time

February 11, 2014



A young Hannah and her brother Chris. Hannah is a great supporter of the NNWEC and even rode as Lady Godiva recently to deliver our petition to the local council!


At nine years old my brother Chris, who was born with Spinabifida was in a bad way due to his spine being so weak he was…

October 24, 2013

Chloe’s story …..


This is from Chloe’s first riding lesson back in April. That smile is never far from her face when she is riding. 

Chloe O’Hara, who is 11, has been riding at the NNWEC since April this year.

Chloe has cerebral palsy and her mother Rebecca says:

“Learning to ride has helped Chloe’s confidence and overall emotional state. If, because of her pain she is feeling a bit low, having riding to look forward to really helps her emotionally. And everyone at the stables is so supportive and encouraging she looks forward to seeing the people at the stables not just the horses.”

“The riding has also had a big effect on Chloe’s physical state, as she is using the muscles in her legs a lot more than she does usually. This means that she has had to have less physiotherapy and also is not having to wear splints as she has done in the past.”

“As well as riding, Chloe has also been helping out looking after the horses, mucking out and grooming which she really loves, even though she gets really tired.”

“This weekend is going to be a big weekend for us as she will be cantering for the first time!”

“I can’t imagine going anywhere else for riding; it’s been ideal for Chloe and something she has really started to depend on.”

And let’s leave the last word to Chloe who says:

“I love my riding lessons and being around the horses. Horse riding helps my legs not be so tight and my helps my CP. I like riding and I like helping out at the stables, everybody is so nice and friendly. I love the horses but don’t have a favourite. I used to ride Oasis and Ringo but now I can ride Amanda who my Nan and Pops sponsored for my birthday.”

October 23, 2013

Hannah and Chris’ story …..


A young Hannah and her brother Chris. Hannah is a great supporter of the NNWEC and even rode as Lady Godiva recently to deliver our petition to the local council!


At nine years old my brother Chris, who was born with Spinabifida was in a bad way due to his spine being so weak he was leaning to his side and this was affecting his organ functionality, to the point that they were being crushed.

A Doctor recommended he commenced horse riding to build upon his core strength. A special saddle was provided at the NNWEC in Galley Common which he then began to attend.

Chris’ strength built significantly from his weekly horse ride to the point that he was able to compete at wheelchair sports at athletic events hosted by such athletes as Linford Christie. To see my brother achieve great success, medals and the positive mental attitude with this, was a real inspiration to me growing up.

He now genuinely feels certain that he would not have had the lifestyle and self-belief he attained had he not had such a life-changing experience. It may even be doubtful if he would be here at all.

I too attended the stables from 7 years old as an able bodied rider with my brother, 23 years later it is still very close to my heart for all the amazing things they have done. I personally have participated in show jumping and helped to train others horses off the back of my learns here.

When something touches your heart by literally transforming the life of someone you love, you cannot put that into words. NNWEC is an inspiration, more than a ‘place’ it’s a family. It’s somewhere that truly cares about people and helping them develop their skills, strength, confidence and self belief, and that support is priceless.

October 23, 2013